Monday, February 24, 2014

Joanna Newsom was not on MY worst-dressed list!!

I know this is belated, but I still wanted to put this out there: Joanna Newsom shouldn’t have been on ANYONE’S “Worst Dressed” list for wearing what she did at the Golden Globes.

Was her dress ill-fitting? No.
Did she have any “wardrobe malfunctions”? No.
Was her dress inappropriate for the event? No.
Did her dress clash with her natural skin/hair coloring? No.
Was her dress wrinkled or ripped? No.
Was her hair messy or unflattering? No.
Was her makeup unflattering or inappropriate for the event? No.

So why was she on so many fashion lists under “Worst Dressed”??

Yes, she was  wearing something unique compared to the rest of the ladies. Her dress looked a little Southern Belle but with more artistic ruffling. But it fit her style and what we know of her personality- and it fit her well physically, too! She looked pretty and interesting. She stood out.

Maybe THAT was her “mistake”??

Also, of course, for many pop culture bloggers, she is an unknown quantity. They probably never knew she existed until she and Andy Samberg got married…and woe betide any woman who “takes” away a cute male comedian, especially a woman who is talented, quirky, and can’t be shoved into a neat little box.

Joanna Newsom looked elegant and amazing in her dress. She also looked healthy and happy, as did Andy Samberg. I hope they are. :)

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